144-002 Thunderbird Models 1:144 TCA Vickers Vanguard decals


High quality screenprinted decals for the Airfix kit. Printed by Fantasy Printshop.

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Trans-Canada Air Lines (Air Canada as of 1 Jan. 1965) The Vickers Vanguard entered service with TCA as the aircraft best suited to fill the need for a medium range airliner on the high density domestic routes. Selected in preference to the Tyne powered 188 Electra, the Vanguard carried more passengers and cargo than any of its nearest competitors. Vanguards remained in TCA/ Air Canada service until 1972.

  • CF-TKA 901 : Entered service 14 December 1960 and was scrapped in 1964.
  • CF-TKD 904 : Entered service 7 December 1960. First Vanguard in service with TCA. Sold to Air Holdings as G-AXOY in July 1969.
  • CF-TKW 923 : Entered service 3 April 1964, sold as F-BTOV in 1972.
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