72-002 Thunderbird Models 1:72 Canadian Racing Spitfire Mk XIVe decals


High quality screen printed decals for the Fujimi or AZ Models kits. Printed by Fantasy Printshop.

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Without a doubt the Supermarine Spitfire is one of the most elegant airplanes to ever grace the skies. The Spitfire prototype first flew in 1936 and by the time the Mk14 was developed the horsepower had more than doubled and almost 100 mph was added to the top speed.

Spitfire Mk XIVe TZ138 was sent to Fort Nelson BC in 1946 for cold weather trials. The trials were not considered successful and while there it broke through the snow and damaged its prop in a taxying mishap. She was later flown with a pair of Tiger Moth skis that dropped away on lift off, not a recommended procedure except in emergencies.

TZ138 was acquired for $1250 by former Dambuster Pilot Ken Brown and Fl. Lt. J.H. MacArthur RCAF for the 1949 Tinnerman Trophy Race in Cleveland Ohio. Re-registered CF-GMZ (Race # 80) and basically a stock military aircraft, minus armament of course. The Spitfire placed third at a respectable average of 370.110 mph. The Mk XIV would not have been an ideal candidate for a low level race as she was designed to be at her best above 30,000 ft and was quite heavy on the controls below 25,000. The day after the race both Spitfire and MacArthur were off to Florida where TZ138/CF-GMZ was reportedly sold for $1,000. After passing through many hands, TZ138 returned to Canada and is now being restored in Vancouver BC.

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