72-004 Thunderbird Models 1:72 Kenting Aviation Mosquito decals


High quality screen printed decals for the Tamiya kit. Printed by Fantasy Printshop.

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Kenting Aviation Limited was one of several aerial survey firms that sprang to life in Canada after the second world war. Kentings large and varied fleet included Hudsons, B-17s, Mosquitos, Cansos, and the Supermarine Walrus, “Putsy-Putsy”. A subsidiary of the Hunting Group (UK), the fleet performed mapping, geophysical and topographic surveys. Kenting was heavily involved in operations in the Canadian north, flying from extremely remote and rough bases.

Surely there are few aircraft as pleasing to the eye as the legendary DeHavilland Mosquito, one of the most outstanding aircraft of WWII. The Mosquito did everything well, serving as a bomber (carrying the same bombload as a B-17 to Berlin), fighter, reconnaissance platform and high speed courier for BOAC. Only a few Mosquitos saw civil occupations after the war. Kenting and Spartan were the main operators in Canada.

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