72-006 Thunderbird Models 1:72 Nordair DHC-6 Twin Otter decals


High quality screen printed decals for the Matchbox kit. Printed by Fantasy Printshop.

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Nordair Ltd. began as Boreal Airways in 1947 as a charter service out of Lac St. Jean, Quebec. In 1957 Boreal merged with Mount Laurier Aviation to handle the large DEW line contracts and took the name Nordair. The new venture was actually a subsidiary of Maritime Central Airways but was kept separate when MCA was purchased by Eastern Provincial. Nordair (Arctic) Ltd was established in 1969 as a separate division of Nordair Ltd. In order to service Nordair’s shorter northern routes. The first aircraft purchased were a DHC Twin Otter CF-NAN and a Short Skyvan in 1969. Two more Twin Otters followed in 1974. Nordair Arctic ceased operations in 1976, transferring its northern routes and selling the “Twotters” to Survair.

The DeHavilland Canada Twin Otter was developed to meet some of the deficiencies of the single engine DHC Otter. The Otter’s size and weight made it a very economical aircraft but its useful load on floats was marginal at best and northern operators wanted twin engine reliability. The problem was a lack of engine with a suitable power to weight ratio. That is until Pratt and Whitney Canada developed the famous PT-6 Turbo-Prop. By adding two P & W Canada PT-6 Turbo-prop engines to a modified Otter airframe (originally it was to be called King Beaver) the Twin Otter was born, first flying on 20 May 1965. Of the 802 Twotters built, only those destroyed by accident are no longer in service.

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