72-011 Thunderbird Models 1:72 Canadian Pacific Airlines PBY-5a Canso decals


High quality screen printed decals for the Academy kit. Printed by Fantasy Printshop.

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The Consolidated PBY Catalina (known as Canso in Canadian service) are perhaps the most famous flying boats ever to take to the skies. Its Second World War service was legendary, used for reconnaissance, as a sub-hunter and search and rescue aircraft. Crews in PBYs spotted the Bismarck and saved Ceylon. David Hornell won his VC while flying Cansos. Post War the Canso soldiered on with many air forces as Search and Rescue aircraft. Civilian operators used surplus PBYs either as transports or fire bombers. Canadian Pacific Airlines purchased four PBY-5as from Crown Assets in 1946 (all built by Boeing Canada) for service along the British Columbia coast. CF-CRR is former RCAF 9767 “P” of 162 squadron and sunk U-342 in April 1944.

CRR was in operation with CPA until 1960 and was sold to Northland Airlines.

CF-CRV is former RCAF 9755, in service from 1946. CRV was written off in 1949 when she flipped over during a landing accident in the waters off Prince Rupert B.C., killing two people.

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