72-012 Thunderbird Models 1:72 Pacific Western Airlines Supermarine Stranraer decals


High quality screen printed decals for the Matchbox/Revell kit. Printed by Fantasy Printshop.

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The Supermarine Stranraer was designed by RJ Mitchell of Spitfire fame and first flew in 1935. Canadian Vickers began building Stranraers in 1938 to fill an RCAF contract for long rang patrol aircraft. After the war, many ‘Strannies’ began to appear on the civil register and Queen Charlotte Airlines operated five of the flying boats (affectionately known as the “Whistling Shithouse”). CF-BYM and CF-BXO were the longest serving boats with BXO today residing at RAF Hendon. After PWA leveraged takeover of QCA in 1956 only Stranraers BXO and BYM were kept in use. BYM may have been the only one to have been fully repainted in PWA colours, at least judging by the photos available. BYM, the former “Zeballos Queen”, suffered a fatal crash in 1957. CF-BYM c/n 228 served with the RCAF as a/c no. 949 before being sold to QCA in 1946.

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